What is Demandplay?

DemandPLAY is part of the Demand it now media solution 

DemandPLAY is our all-in-one media portal offering on demand video and live streaming to clients and viewers.

Our custom built web portal allows us to offer clients an affordable easy media solution weather it be a place to live stream events or somewhere to host videos , online courses , classes or anything video/audio related , with near instant latency to interact with clients via live video. 

we can live stream events and then offer replays to viewers/customers ,we can record your event via video and upload it to exhibit to viewers for a fee , offer downloads or event documents securely via our payment gateway or membership levels

payment gateways , restricted content , video streaming , file hosting , video hosting and storage 

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Real Life examples :

– We attended the recent Advanced feeds SHCWA horse of the year which went for 9 hours , video was live streamed via this portal protected by a pay-to-view gateway  , viewers needed to pay for a pass to watch the video live  , this pass then gave them a further 13 days to re-watch the live stream once we uploaded the footage , video footage can also be purchased via DVD or blu-ray media 

We ran the event as a pay-to-view stream to cover costs of the live stream and video hosting with no cost to the organisers 


– We were hired by a private client to live stream a funeral , due to covid-19 restrictions the church was only allowed a limited amount of people inside , our solution was to live stream via our private portal aswell as display the video feed via a projector inside the neighboring hall which allowed a further approx 50 people to attend once the church reached capacity 

– due to covid-19 restrictions , eastern states visitors couldn’t attend a recent burnout competition , we live streamed via our pay-to-view portal to allow anyone access to the days happenings with a further 14 days to rewatch or people could purchase a after-show pass and watch the event for the first time

The live stream was ran at no cost to the event organisers with us re-couping costs via ticketed sales