Advanced Feeds Horse of The Year 2020 Live Stream

*27/10 update*
We have cleaned up the portal a bit so things may have moved! 

*26/10 update*
Replay is now online and split over morning and afternoon 
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This event has ended

West Australian Horse of The Year and Grand National qualifier for 2021

Held at the State Equestrian centre Brigadoon – The State Equestrian Centre (SEC) is Western Australia’s premier equestrian sport and multipurpose events facility.

24th-25th October 2020

Demand it now media will be live streaming this event Saturday only , pending weather conditions therefore tickets/passes will not be available for pre-purchase until closer to event day

we have improved our viewer portal since the EWA HOTY so we hope the streaming experience is 200% better

click here to check out the official facebook page for more info about the event 

FAQ , Live stream notes  and disclaimer :

This live stream requires you to purchase a Pay-to-view ticket 

click here to go to the shop and buy a ticket , you can then come back here and click the ‘watch live’ button

*** event livestreams are NOT professional video productions  , they can glitch , have errors , stop working , drop out at times and sometimes they may not work for you , live streams rely on internet at the event/premises to be good and consistent , this isn’t always the case and we may lose internet feed and the live stream will stop working , we will try our best to get the live stream back up , most of the time just try reloading the page or wait until the view comes back up

we may not capture everything so please do not fully rely on live video to capture your set/car/dance etc , we try our best to produce a professional live stream but its exactly that , a live stream , not a edited professional video recording

during a live stream broadcast , we may not be able to help you troubleshoot your issues , send us a message and we will try and answer in free time the best way to contact us is using the live chat on the bottom right of this page

remember you still have 14 days to rewatch the live stream when its re-uploaded/finished 

your pass grants you access to the live stream for the day you have purchased

Your ticket grants you access to the live stream for the duration of our broadcasting  , we may stop the live stream for breaks or camera maintenance , you can log back into the portal and re-commence the live video once we are broadcasting again

you have 14 days access to the live broadcast vision

in the event of live stream server fail … you may be sent a link to access the live stream on another portal , we have several backup servers

we cannot guarantee live stream coverage  ,although in the event of total failure , you will be advised and you can request a refund OR wait until the video is uploaded

refunds will be granted if the show is cancelled or we cannot deliver a live stream –

Equipment and data is required to live stream at events , this is a premium service

Live streaming and video media costs us money to host and stream so sometimes charges apply

Other times the event organiser or host either wants to protect there content , make money from the content or they cannot afford live streaming so we use pay-to-view to recoup costs


Storing and streaming video to customers has a cost to us , 14 days access to re-watch the live stream is around the average time to view media 

if you prefer , you can purchase the media to keep , please check or enquire

yes , we have downloadable content available and also we have DVD and blu-ray media available for purchase 

Heres some things to try if the video or live stream fails to work 

Blank screen? 

Go to Safari / Preference / Privacy and then Uncheck “Prevent Cross-site tracking”. and turn off ‘ block cookies ‘ Then reload the event page.

Chrome Solution:
Go to Preferences > Privacy and security > click on MORE > turn off “Send a “”Do Not Track”” request with your browsing traffic”.

Buffering ?

  • Evaluate what device you are using. Are you using a wired laptop or computer with WiFi? If not, start there. If you’re watching on your cell device, or via a screen-casted TV, try a computer first.
  • Test your internet connection. 
  • Refresh your browser. 
  • Restart your device.
  • Try using a different device to watch the event. The PPV event is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer with a high-capacity internet or WIFI connection.


Public and shared WiFi connections (hotels, schools, hospitals and other shared spaces) often limit bandwidth or prohibit streaming services. Regardless of the strength or location of your connection, all activity on the network affects streaming quality. If others are using the same network as you for streaming, gaming, or downloads your experience will be affected.

3G/4G connections are especially susceptible to buffering due to a wide range of signal/connection factors controlled by your service provider. If you are having issues watching on a cell connection, try connecting to a strong WiFi network.

Reducing the feed quality may help with these issues, but the best way to solve it is to use a strong internet connection. You will need a minimum of 10mbps download speed for consistent “HD” quality.

To check your internet speed, visit and run their test. If you have other devices on your network, such as a SmartTV or other device such as a computer watching Netflix or other bandwidth intensive apps or websites, it will take some of your available bandwidth and affect the feed and may require an even faster connection.






We have tested the video and live player on 

Ipad air 2 and iphone 11 running IOS 14

Android version 6 and 8

Pc desktop running chrome , edge and brave with shields turned off

if it still doesnt work , please check the troubles section above or contact us .. we may be able to help depending if we are broadcasting at the time


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