Help and troubleshooting

Welcome to the self help section  , please check out some of the below topics 

if you cannot find a solution below , please click the ‘ chat with us ‘ box below or Contact us


Question : I cannot login ! Says  ‘ Maximum no. of active logins found for this account. Please logout from another device to continue. ‘

Answer : You can only have 1 active logged in session with your username/account … please go back to the same browser or device that you were using and you can re-login or click ‘account/login/register/ ‘ and then click ‘ Logout ‘ to remove your login from that device 

active sessions can remain up to 14 days so please log out before leaving our site if you are concerned

If you get stuck ,  please message us , but please note that if we are live streaming , we may not be able to answer you straight away 


Question: the Video player doesnt work  / video isnt coming up 

Answer : we have tested this system with various iphones , android devices , pcs and tables , if the video doesnt work for you , try updating your browser 

we have not teested this system with smart tv’s , we dont have access to one 

If you have a cookie blocker or privacy shield installed and active , the player may not load , please disable it 

Blank screen? 

Go to Safari / Preference / Privacy and then Uncheck “Prevent Cross-site tracking”. and turn off ‘ block cookies ‘ Then reload the event page.

Chrome Solution:
Go to Preferences > Privacy and security > click on MORE > turn off “Send a “”Do Not Track”” request with your browsing traffic”.

Buffering ?

  • Evaluate what device you are using. Are you using a wired laptop or computer with WiFi? If not, start there. If you’re watching on your cell device, or via a screen-casted TV, try a computer first.
  • Test your internet connection. 
  • Refresh your browser. 
  • Restart your device.
  • Try using a different device to watch the event. The PPV event is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer with a high-capacity internet or WIFI connection.


Public and shared WiFi connections (hotels, schools, hospitals and other shared spaces) often limit bandwidth or prohibit streaming services. Regardless of the strength or location of your connection, all activity on the network affects streaming quality. If others are using the same network as you for streaming, gaming, or downloads your experience will be affected.

3G/4G connections are especially susceptible to buffering due to a wide range of signal/connection factors controlled by your service provider. If you are having issues watching on a cell connection, try connecting to a strong WiFi network.

Reducing the feed quality may help with these issues, but the best way to solve it is to use a strong internet connection. You will need a minimum of 10mbps download speed for consistent “HD” quality.

our system should auto adapt to your connection so most viewers shouldnt have an issue 

To check your internet speed, visit and run their test. If you have other devices on your network, such as a SmartTV or other device such as a computer watching Netflix or other bandwidth intensive apps or websites, it will take some of your available bandwidth and affect the feed and may require an even faster connection.


If all else fails , please contact us – delays may apply if we are live/ broadcasting