Client information

Hey there !

you have been directed here by Demand it now media to inform you about what services we have to offer clients and how it all works

Lets start with Live streaming 

We live stream a variety of subjects and events. Equine , church services , motorsport events just to name a few. 

Our setup is fully portable and doesn’t take up a lot of room in most situations  , we offer single camera and multi-camera options and for static events such as weddings and church services , we have remote controlled pan-tilt-zoom cameras that do not require additional humans to control them ( all done via the live streaming producer)

Our options 

Hiring – 
We can be hired to live stream anything , we bring our own equipment and internet , most of the time is is possible to live stream with just one person operating the production but sometimes we bring a helper/assistant

Our live streams can be streamed to private or public platforms like facebook and youtube and including this very portal ‘ DemandPLAY’ 

We record everything that gets live streamed and can be supplied to you for your records/keeping . we can create sellable media on blu-ray or dvd or offer digital downloads for your clients.

Our fees are very competitive and we can charge lower then most as we are mostly a single man operation so no additional staff is needed to be hired


Pay-to-view –

We have built this portal ‘ DemandPLAY’ to handle what is called a ‘ pay to view ‘ or Pay per view (ppv) option 

sometimes is not viable for an event organiser to afford to hire a live streaming or recording business , this is where pay-to-view can be used to get the event live streamed and recorded at no cost to the organisers/host 

We sell tickets to view the video or live stream  , we then use the sales to cover our costs , if enough sales are made , we can even split costs if its viable

the video or live stream can also be sold afterwards to people who missed the live show 

PPV can also be used to protect the content and boost income for the event as streaming for free may prevent people come to the event 


Recording – 

if you dont want your event to be live streamed  , you can have the event video recorded either by multiple cameras or a single camera 

this can then be uploaded to ‘ DemandPLAY’ and tickets can be sold to people who want to view the video 

Maybe you wish to offer event attendees an aftershow pass , once the show has finished , they can go home and re-watch the event  

If any of the above is of interest to you or your event , please contact us to discuss options